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Keeping your vehicle safe on the road should be one of your primary automotive concerns. In order to maintain the safety of your family and passengers, you need to have a properly functioning brake system. Screeching or spongy brakes are more than an annoyance, they are a warning sign that you shouldn’t ignore. When your system is not functioning properly, chances are your stopping distance will increase, which makes driving dangerous.

Whether you need new pads, rotors or other brake repairs in Burnaby, you can rest assured that the team at Bond Mechanical Ltd. can handle the job. Our licensed mechanics will make sure your brakes are working properly, allowing you to drive with confidence regardless of the road conditions. We recommend having your brakes checked every 12 months and you can count on our trusted professionals to give you an accurate assessment. If you are ready to schedule an inspection or service, give us a call. Our technicians have the experience to diagnose and repair braking systems for all types of vehicles.

Signs You May Need Brake Repairs

There are many clear indications that your brakes are in need of attention, including:

Grinding or squealing
Pulling or shaking
Spongy brake pedal

Any noise when you brake is a concern and should be diagnosed. Grinding may indicate your brake pads are completely worn out, which results in metal to metal contact. This may cause damage to your rotors and brake drums while decreasing your braking efficiency. Squealing is a normal warning sign that your brake pads are getting down to their minimum thickness.

Worn or damaged rotors may cause a shaking issue. Pulling may be caused by calipers moving unevenly, which could be the result of a collapsed brake hose. It could also be caused by various other system components.

This often indicates a leak in the system or possibly a problem with the brake cylinder.

If you notice any of these issues, stop by our facility for brake repairs in Burnaby. We’ll provide a full inspection of your rotors, calipers, drum brake shoes, disc brake pads and we’ll check your system for other problems including leaks. Request an estimate, stop by our shop or give us a call today.

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