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Serving clients throughout the Lower Mainland for over 5 decades, Bond Mechanical Ltd.’s master machinists and licensed mechanics are Burnaby’s experienced automotive mechanics. We work with all makes and models of cars, both foreign and domestic, and we also work with hybrids and electrical vehicles as well. So, whether you have a classic or collector vehicle, or an ultra-modern electric, our mechanics have the expertise, experience and state-of-the-art equipment to handle youautomotive repair and engine rebuilding needs efficiently, affordably and professionally. Some of our day-to-day automotive services include:

Computer diagnostics  - we have various diagnostic tests and equipment to find out why an engine light is one, and we’ll provide recommendations on how to address the issue
Routine maintenance and tune-ups - we’ll assess overall vehicle condition to determine if anything requires maintenance, repairs or replacement
Brakes and clutches - replacements and repairs
Batteries - diagnostic testing and replacements of the electrical system
Belts, hoses and timing - maintenance, repairs and replacements
Cooling systems - replacement of cooling fluid
Pre-purchase inspections - vehicle must be brought to our facility
Air conditioning - installation, repairs and replacement of any air conditioning system
Mufflers and exhaust - repairs, maintenance and replacements
Suspension and steering - repairs, maintenance and replacements
Lube and oil changes - usually performed in addition to other vehicle services

If you have any questions regarding our automotive services or engine rebuilding services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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