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When it comes to keeping your vehicle in proper working order, turn to the team the Lower Mainland has trusted for over 50 years. Bond Mechanical Ltd. is more than an expert engine rebuilding shop. We understand all of your vehicle’s components, including your drivetrain. Our licensed mechanics offer complete transmission services in Burnaby and repairs to all of your drivetrain components. If you need service for a late-model family sedan or a cherished collector’s car, we are here to handle the job. We have experience with front-wheel and rear-wheel drive vehicles of all types.

Your transmission should be serviced at the intervals recommended by your manufacturer’s owner manual. But keep in mind these recommendations are for normal driving conditions. If you use your vehicle for hauling or you drive in stop-and-go traffic or for short distances, your transmission may need more frequent attention.

Signs You May Need Transmission Repairs

As your transmission and drivetrain are critical to the proper function of your vehicle, it’s important you take action at the first sign of a problem. Here are some common indicators that your vehicle’s transmission may need service:

Odd sounds
Slipping or delay in movement
Strange smells

For manual transmissions, a grinding noise after engaging the clutch may indicate a worn clutch. With automatic transmissions, whining, buzzing and humming sounds may indicate that your transmission requires repairs.

A lack of response or a delay from your vehicle’s transmission could signify a serious issue with your transmission. If you notice slipping or a lack of response in your transmission, we recommend you bring your vehicle to our facility right away.

Transmission fluid normally has a tart, slightly sweet odour. If your transmission fluid smells burnt, it could mean that the transmission is burning during operation and can lead to costly transmission rebuilds. If you notice your transmission fluid has an off smell, bring your vehicle to our facility right away.

If you have noticed one of the indicators above or you just need regular transmission service, contact our Burnaby shop today! Being proactive about your vehicle, will extend its life and save you money in the long run.
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